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Specialty Edgebanding


  • Multiplex 3D Canplast
    3D 2-in-1 Canplast

    3D edgeband creates an illusion of depth and embossed texture using a decorative print that shows through a transparent acrylic PMMA surface. 3D Edgebands are made of ultra transparent acrylic. The special, three-dimensional effect of the edgeband is created by the surface print on the reverse side.

    Because the surface print is on the back of the edgeband, it also remains fully intact after milling the radius, creating a uniform appearance all-round, with no frame effects. The matte silk edgeband surface may be polished to virtually any desired gloss. Polishing is unnecessary with premium type 3D Edgebands, since they have a finishing varnish already.

    Since the surface print is on the reverse side, it cannot be rubbed off or damaged, no matter how high the stress. Physical damage to the acrylic surface, such as scratches or indentations, is easily remedied by buffing.

    3D Edgebands are impact resistant, hygienic and withstand normal humidity of ambient air.

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  • Seamless Edgebanding

  • Seamless, adhesive-free edgebanding for Hot-air,Laser,and NIR machines

    Innovative laser and hot air technology creates a seamless, adhesive-free finish.

    • Creates a stunning high-end look using the latest technology
    • Allows for a monolithic panel at a much lower price than solid or painted
    • Enhancing leading industry trends (high gloss and textured panels) with no framing effect
    • No glue joint to collect dirt, chip away or yellow over time
    • Quality
    • Creates a bond equal to or greater than PUR (no delamination)
    • Extremely heat and moisture resistant bond
    • ABS and PP (advanced green polymers) are the most common materials used.
    • Pricing
    • Higher quality inputs allow customers to promote a higher end finished product at a premium
    • No hotmelt adhesive to purchase and no down-line cleaning of excess adhesive from finished panels
    • Increased edgeband costs are easily offset by the upscale finished product to the market
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  • ABS Edgebanding

  • Greenguard Canplast

    Environmentally friendly acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is chlorine free both during manufacturing and in the final product. Unlike PVC, ABS may be incinerated with general waste, is lighter in weight and highly heat resistant. This thermoplastic material resists impact, which is especially important for office furniture applications. ABS is used as a substitute material for PVC edges in carpentry and woodworking. It has properties similar to PVC, but is inherently more weather resistant, so no stabilizing agents need to be added.

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  • High Gloss Edgebanding

    High Gloss Look. Lightweight Feel. A New Class of Edgebands.
  • High Gloss Canplast

    Glass frequently is a component of today’s mix of materials. It creates lightness but is not actually lightweight. It signals value, but only if it is not scratched. It looks expensive, which it unfortunately is. High gloss is a clever alternative to genuine glass. It has the visual advantage of glass, but not its disadvantages in terms of processing, transportation and use.

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  • Embossed Edgebands

    Design on every level for a natural look and feel
  • Wood Emboss Canplast

    In order to achieve the best match with the board surface, we offer materials with varying styles of embossing and levels of gloss from matte to high gloss. Besides a simple smooth finish, countless other surface embossing styles are available. Especially distinctive styles of embossing arouse the desire to touch and feel the surface. Their heights and depths create a visually fascinating interplay of light and shadow. Matte finishes intensify this effect and make wood décor, in particular, even livelier. On the other hand, there are also less conspicuous structures that can be employed universally and remain in the background both visually and tangibly. 3D embossing is possible on both the front and the back.

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