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Jowat Corporation Hotmelt Edgebanding Cartridge 48 Cartridges Natural EVA

Jowat Corporation Hotmelt Edgebanding Cartridge 48 Cartridges Natural EVA

Jowat Corporation Hotmelt Edgebanding Cartridge 48 Cartridges Natural EVA
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Manufacturer: Jowat
Brand: Jowatherm
Use: Hotmelt Edgebanding
Color: Natural
Form: Cartridge
Basis: EVA
Fill: Filled
Packaging: 48 Pack
JOWATHERM Cartridge Hot Melt 286.80
Basis: Ethylene - Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
Technical Data:
Viscosity (mPas/cPs):
approx. 120,000 at 190°C (374°F) Brookfield-Thermosel
approx. 90,000 at 200°C (392°F)
approx. 70,000 at 210°C (410°F)
Density (g/ml): approx. 1.30 (10.8 lbs./gal)
Softening Point: approx. 110°C (230°F) Ring & Ball
Color: Natural
Characteristics: Medium-high viscosity hot melt. Very economical with good color and heat stability in the melt.
Hot melt for Holz-Her cartridge edgebanders. Suitable for primed HPL, solid wood, veneer, PVC and resinated paper edgebands. Good wetting and adhesion properties. This hot melt can also be used for precoating and softforming applications.
Directions for use:
Application Temp: 190-210°C (374-410°F) in the melt
Feed Speed: 12-40 m/min (30-120 ft/min)
The structure of the edge material and working conditions may influence the bond.
Tested according to Jowat test methods. Customer trials are recommended.
Cleaning: Preliminary cleaning while hot by scraping with a spatula; when cold with Jowat Cleaner 401.20.
Storage: At least 3 years from the date of manufacture in dry and cool (15-25°C/58-76°F) conditions according to our experience.
Marking: None. We recommend drawing off any vapors which may form. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Documents No
Form No
Flash Point No
Instant Adhesive First Cure No
Service Temperature No
Application Temperature 190°-210°C
Feed Speed 12-40 m/min (30-120 ft/min)
Applicators No
Open Time No
Total Work Time No
Instant Adhesive Handle Time No
Instant Adhesive Full Cure No
Instant Adhesive Set Time No
Substrate Preparation Clean and Dry
Cleaning Method Scraping With a Spatula
Limitations No
Caution No
Packaging 48 Cartridges
Case Size No
Wet Color No
Dry Color Natural
Softening Point approx. 110°C (230°F) Ring & Ball
Weight Per Gallon No
Shelf Life No
Storage Temp 58°-76°F
Chemistry EVA
% Solids No
Coverage No
Freeze Thaw Stable 1
Finishable No
Solvent Resistant No
Waterproof No
FDA or USDA Approvals No
Bond Strength No
PH Level No
Substrate No
Clamping No
Application Rate No
Approvals and Testing No
Manufacturer Jowat Corporation
Sold As 48 Cartridges