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Jowat Corporation Hotmelt Edgebanding Granual 55 lbs Black EVA

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Manufacturer: Jowat
Brand: Jowatherm
Use: Hotmelt Edgebanding
Form: Granual
Basis: EVA
Fill: Filled
Packaging: 55 lbs Bag
JOWATHERM Edgebanding Hot Melt 288.63
Basis: Ethylene - Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
Technical Data:
Viscosity (mPas/cPs):
approx. 120,000 at 190
More Information
Application Temperature 190°-210°C
Feed Speed 12-60 m/min (30-120 ft/min)
Substrate Preparation Clean and Dry
Cleaning Method Scraping With a Spatula
Packaging 55 lbs
Dry Color Black
Softening Point approx. 110°C (230°F) Ring & Ball
Storage Temp 58°-76°F
Chemistry EVA
Freeze Thaw Stable 1
Sold As 55 Lbs
Lead Time Available for order, generally ships in 7-10 business days